Altorias, a world of magic and wonder, where countries vie for control over one another and heroes and adventurers scour the land for glory and treasure. The gods grant those they deem worthy with great strength, and Demon Princes and Devils Lords send their agents out into the world. Despite all of this however, a tentative peace had been found between the various countries of the world. Trade roads were opened and for the most part, people were happy…until ten years ago.


The Great World Serpent, a dragon said to be of legend awoke from its slumber. As the tale went, the dragon had coiled about the very molten core that made up the world of Altorias, and fell into a deep slumber. It was during this time that the gods had encased it in dirt, and stone, and oceans and seas. And as of ten years ago, the creature awoke, ripping apart the very world itself, causing great land masses and the seas themselves to float hundreds of miles above the molten core, a shattered stone ball that is held through broken magnetic fields and strips of great magic. It was during this time that war broke out, preace treaties cast aside as the countries and races lashed out against one another for strength. The gods sent their agents out into the world, and two of the mightiest gods declared open war with one another: The Platinum Dragon, Bahamut and the Five Headed Dragon of Chaos, Tiamat.

Even now their armies wage against one another, invading countries and kingdoms. The Dragonborn of the world forced to chose a side between the two gods. And still, as this massive war wages even darker forces move behind curtains, daggers drawn and waiting to strike and claim wealth from the weakened kingdoms of the world.